Monday, February 13, 2012

We're losing em' left and right folks.

Well it has been an exciting 3 days for Abra. Her front two teeth had been loose for a few weeks (not to mention her permanent teeth had already broken through completely) and they were hanging by a thread this past weekend. Daddy had given them a tug every night before bed for the past week. We finally had her first official lost tooth on Saturday night right before bed. She is quick to point out that "it didn't fall out, Daddy pulled it out." :-) The tooth fairy WAS able to find our house and left a little present. Abra was elated.

So before I even remembered to tell the family, her other tooth was looking really loose tonight in the bath. Daddy tugged a bit and sure enough, out it came.

Isn't it interesting that the two front bottom teeth were Abra's first two that appeared at the exact same time at 4 months old? The came together. They went together.

The torture chair.
Checking our her new look.
She was so proud.
Showing off to Derek.
Then 2 nights later, tooth #2 is out! She is a pro now.
She went to bed wondering aloud if the tooth fairy brings the same thing every time....:-)